Friday, April 30, 2010

Drink of the Week-- 4-30-10

Afternoon everyone!!! Well the first weekend in May is here, so you know what that means!!! The fastest 2 minutes in sports is upon us, THE KENTUCKY DERBY!!!! So in honor of this great event(which I wish I was able to attend) the Drink of the Week this week is a classic. The Mint Julep!

This wonderful refreshing drink is very popular in Kentucky.Traditionally the Mint Julep is served at the Kentucky Derby in Silver or Pewter mugs, but not limited to being served in just those. If you have the opportunity to use one of those mugs,chill them before mixing your mint juleps. Side note according to some Southerners a Mint Julep is not the product of a formula, but a ceremony.

Here's a classic Silver Mint Julep Mug

So here is the recipe and Prep:

Mint Leaves
Crushed Ice
2 Tablespoons Mint Syrup
2 Tablespoons Water
2 oz of your choice Kentucky Bourbon

Crush or Muddle(your preference) mint leaves into the mug, until it begins to look like a paste.
Fill the Mint Julep mug halfway with Crushed Ice or shaved ice. Add your Mint Syrup, water and Bourbon. Stir until Mug is frosted on the outside. To Garnish, Use a fresh Sprig of Mint.

And this is what you should come up with....

So to everyone going down to the Derby, have a ball. I heard reports of almost 80k Mint Juleps were projected to be served at the Derby alone, not including the surrounding after parties!! So should shape up to a great weekend!

As always until next time, please remember to Drink RESPONSIBLY and always TIP YOUR BARTENDERS!!!!



  1. Nice post, well done. Love me some Juleps.

    However I would disagree with one thing, about crushing the mint. I find that crushiing it into a paste overdoes it, and releases too much of the herb's chlorophyll, which releases a slight bitterness into the drink.

    When I muddle mint I usually just gently bruise it, and I feel that sufficiently releases enough mint flavor.


  2. Dig it. Love the style of the traditional mint julep mug, too.