Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National Margarita Day!

Whether you like it Straight up, On the Rocks, or even frozen, the Margarita is a true classic.. This drink never gets old. Easy cocktail to make a home or at the bar. Quick, effective, and when handmade can be a very refreshing cocktail. Margaritas come in so many different colors and variations(I'll share one of mine in a moment) But i typically enjoy this recipe the best...

2oz Reposado Tequila
1oz Lime Juice
.5oz Orange Liqueur(My preference is Cointreau)
2 Teaspoon Superfine Sugar
Garnish with a lime Wedge

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and give a good hard shake. then strain into a chilled Margarita Glass or in a rocks glass over ice(your preference). The original Margarita cocktail calls for Blanco tequila, but my pallet likes alot of flavor in my cocktails so I chose to go with the Reposado Tequila in mine.

Now as I said earlier yo can make your margarita in a number of different ways. Typically if you substitute your lime juice, for whatever you favorite juice is, or cut your portions to balance between the lime and your favorite juice, you will have a great cocktail!

Now Ive been playing around with Tuaca. Tuaca is a Vanilla Citrus Liqueur with hints of Brandy, Orange and Vanilla. But the Vanilla is the dominant flavor. It really comes thru in cocktails that this is added too.. So here is a way to Spice up your margarita if you have a little bit of this on hand. My friends at the Baddish Group sent me a sample and their recipes, but this is what I came up with one my own..

As an ode to the neighborhood that my parents met.. Here is the "Bronzeville  Margarita"

Bronzeville  Margarita
2oz Tuaca
1oz Olmeca Altos Tequila(Blanco)
.5 Lime juice
.25 Spiced Simple Syrup
Muddled Raspberries

Muddle Raspberries, syrup, and lime juice. Add Tuaca and Tequila. Shake and Double strain into a ice filled rocks glass. Cinnamon the rim of the glass and garnish with 2 raspberries.

So with happy hour a few minutes away(Chicago Time) order yourself a Margarita and enjoy National Margarita Day!!

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