Wednesday, September 12, 2012

***New Cocktail*** Xante Prickly Pear

Hey everybody!

With the re-introduction of DrinkxXx On Me Bartending Service and my website(, I've been quite busy and have been blogging over there. But I am back and showing my blog spot family more love. We will link the blog here to the DOM website so that we are covered on all bases.

If you follow me on Twitter/FB/Instagram, you know now that I work for Xante here in Chicago. Ive been creating cocktails, working events, and overall having a Kick ass time!! Recently we started a #BYOB(Be your own bartender) series, and I am giving out recipes each week that the consumer can try at home. So this week with Fall approaching, I have come with a new cocktail that embodies a nice Sunday of football, greasy food, and you and friends relaxing and sipping cocktails. I present the "Xante Prickly Pear"

Visuals will be coming soon. Check back here, or if you use the Instagram app follow me(MrMixologist) and you will be able to see what this AMAZING Xante cocktail will look like once you complete it.  So get to mixing and let me know how these cocktails come come out. If you Tweet enter hash tag #BYOB and send your pics of your Xante cocktail to @MrMixologist and @DrinkXanteChi

Until Next Time

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