Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drink Of The Week 5-22-10

Good Afternoon,

I'm trying something new. For all who are on my FB page, and my FB buisness page, I am leaving an opening for all Bartenders and aspiring mixologists to have a custom drink featured here. I mean I love my drinks, and i hope you all do as well, but its nothing wrong with a little variety....

So here we go. This weeks drink is a special one because we got 2!!! I mean the only thing better than 1 drink is 2 drinks right??? So our Featured Bartender is Ms. LaTonia Sanders(and my big sis by the way)

LaTonia has been in the business of serving liquor since 2001. She started out being a cocktail waitress at Timeout Sports Bar & Grill in Calumet City. As time went on, she realized that she could be a bartender and one of the bartenders agreed and she was the one that helped her on the journey, As the years went by, she began to do private parties as a bartender. At Pete's Sports Lounge she perfected how to make specialized drinks, how to make drinks just for particular patrons.

So here is a couple of LaTonia's famous Martini's....

The Blue Raspberry/PineTini

2oz Vodka(your preference)

1oz Rose's Blue Raspberry
Splash of triple sec
Splash of Pineapple Juice

In a mixing cup pour all ingredients, the shake well and strain into a chilled Martini Glass

The Raspberry Pomegranate Martini

2.5oz Vodka(your preference)
1oz Roses Blue Raspberry
Splash of Pomegranate
Splash of Triple Sec

Prep is the same as a classic Martini. Place all ingredients in a shaker, shake and then strain into a chilled Martini Glass.

As you can see, LaTonia really like Roses Blue Raspberry....Ive made both cocktails at home and enjoyed both of them. LaTonia has 2 great Martinis under her belt. And as I'm typing this blog she emailed me about 4 or 5 of her other specialities.

Thank you LaTonia for sharing your Martinis with us this week, and you guys can catch LaTonia working with myself and the rest of the Drinks On Me team when we provide bar services for YOUR private events. She is also on twitter( @luv4dalaw) so share your cocktail experiences with her on there as well.

Aspiring Mixologists and my Cocktail peeps please feel free to send your custom cocktails and a little background info to me to be featured in the Drink Of The Week in the future. Email your info to

Until next time