Monday, June 14, 2010

Drink Measurements and Glassware

Hello all!!!

One of my bars i work is at a nightclub. If you're ever in the Chi some see me at Krush nightclub(shameless plug). In this club when we make drinks, we don't use traditional glassware. We have to use plastic cups. Why you might ask? Because if anything happens in the club(fight, altercation, accident,etc) having traditional Glasses can prove to be a hazard to myself, the other bartenders, and patrons all throughout the venue.

So,  You're probably wondering, why the hell is he telling us this? Well the #1 question I get posed while I'm at this spot is, "Is this the cup the drink comes in?" or "Can you make the drink stronger, since it comes in that cup?"

Now we use a standard 8oz. cup. So its a little shorter than a 12oz glass. The alcohol measurements don't change,just because its in a shorter cup!!! For example, I made a Long Island this weekend in a glass and a cup just to show someone that the size of the glass doesn't matter, its all about the measurements. A Long Island is a 1/2oz of Vodka,Gin,Rum,Tequila, and Triple Sec no matter what you put it in. The bigger the glass doesn't equate a stronger drink. Actually the bigger the glass is the more ice and juice!! The alcohol levels remain constant no matter what.

Also patrons, please stop asking for a "Strong Drink" or "Can you make my drink strong"? There is no such thing. Any respectable Mixologist/bartender is going to measure out the drink properly. My rule is this.. YOU WANT A STRONG DRINK, ORDER A DOUBLE!!!!

Every business has costs. In our business, alcohol is very expensive. So drinks need to be measured to keep costs down and be able to provide all you guys with new drinks and different brands when they come on to the market.

So the moral of today's post is, Trust your bartender! If i make you a drink, I know what I'm doing. The size of your glass and the drink measurements will even out. Who wants to be drunk from one drink because your bartender made it "Strong". You want to have a great cocktail, and be able to drink throughout your evening. And I want you to come back to the bar and continue to order drinks, and most importantly,.... TIP.

Sorry for the rant, but i got these question's asked to me all weekend. Next post will be much more fun and positive.

Until next time

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