Monday, May 17, 2010

What being a bartender means to me!

Hey everyone,

This blog post is a little different this week. No nice pics or drink recipes today. I want to address something that was told to me over the weekend. Alot of people ask and say to me all the time, "Why do you bartend?", Or "Do you do it you in it to meet some girls?" Or "Just get a regular 9 to 5, bartending is not a career" or my favorite question of them all, "It cant be that hard, all you doing is making drinks".

So I say to all, I cant speak for every bartender/Mixologist out there, but here is my opinion. I bartend because I have a love for the cocktail industry. Its more than just a job for me, but a passion and a way of life. Ive connected with some of the nations most respected and revered cocktailers and that has done wonders for my experience and knowledge while I'm behind the bar.

Bartending is not just a job. It is a trade and a craft. It is something that not everyone can do. Just like a Fireman, accountant, banker, lawyer, or any other job title, you need to go to get training, and in most cases go to school and finish with a certificate to show that you know what you are doing. Making drinks is only 50% of the job. Bartenders are marriage counselors, relationship advisors, psychiatrist, and in most cases just an unbiased person that you can talk to.

Bartending can be a career. There are many different things you can do in the cocktail industry. You can bartend, enter cocktail contests, blog, Flair bartending, cocktail consulting etc.. The industry is vast and it grows each and every day. I look at guys like Dale DeGroff and Tony Abu-Ganin. They are 2 of the best in our industry and have showed everyone in the business that they possibilities are endless to grow if you have a love and a passion for it.

So to all who think this is just something that anyone can do, and its not a "real"profession, I challenge you to come stand behind the bar with me any night I'm working and come find out really what this job is all about!!

To all my fellow Mixologists/Bartenders(there is a difference)Flairers, Cocktail bloggers, and everyone in the industry I raise my Shaker and salute you!! Cheers!!

Sorry for the vent but had a convo that inspired this post.

Until next time



  1. Amen brother!!! I hear it all the time from friends and family but watching someone's face after that first sip of a drink I Mixed makes me feel awesome.That feeling is priceless !!!

  2. oh my! you said it so well! thank you