Thursday, April 14, 2011

****Bonus Post***** The Royal Wedding Punch!

One more thing about spring season, is that is WEDDING SEASON!!!!!. And the most famous and talked about wedding is right upon us... the Royal Wedding!  My good friend Dan Warner( Beefeater Global Ambassador) is paying tribute to The Queen Mum who enjoyed the mix of gin and Dubonnet, and  has updated the classic cocktail with the refreshing flavors of pomegranate (representing life, regeneration and marriage in Greek mythology), lemonade (an American balance and length to the punch) and Angostura bitters (the most classic, famous punch ingredient). Sounds like the perfect drink for the newlyweds!! So without further adieu, here is Dan Warner's Royal Wedding Punch!!!

Dan Warner’s Beefeater Royal Punch

2 parts Beefeater London Dry Gin
1 part Dubonnet
1 part pomegranate juice
2 parts fresh lemonade (American style)
Angostura bitters to taste


Serve in a large punch bowl (if you don’t have a punch bowl, a large, deep casserole dish will do the job) and garnish with wheels of lemon & lime, mint sprigs and pomegranate seeds.

Chill the punch with lots of regular ice cubes or make your own fruit ice cube by freezing oranges and lemon slices with water in a plastic container (ice cream tub or similar).

So here's a Cheers to the Royal Couple, and a Big BIG cheers to my main man Dan for sending me his Royal Punch recipe... Maybe I can get him to make my punch whenever I decide to get married????

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    It would be great if one day talk about "pisco sour" (Peru) is a great drink!