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Bartender of the Week for 4-7-11


Trying something new with the blog. Along with reviews, drink recipes, and general blogging, I will be featuring a new bartender each week to profile. Ive done it in the past and had a few very colorful characters in the past, from Chicago's very own Fuzzy, to Atl's Mike, to Las Vegas own Poshly Chic cocktail service, and LaTonia Sanders.

So this week, since its coming back and needed a spark and new bartender, our feature will be the very sexy, and beautiful bartender/mixologist Erendida Harris.

All I can say upon initial talking to her is I would sit at her bar ALL NIGHT!!!! One word.......... Gorgeous!!!! But its alot more than just a pretty face to this bartender.... Erendida is a bartender at Vibe nightclub(Formerly Crobar) here in Chicago. But enough from me, Ill let Erendida tell you about her yourself.... Here's a brief Bio......

"I have always been in the service industry, I started working in a fast food restaurant at 14 in order to pay for me playing sports. As soon as I turned 21, I begged the manager to let me bartend or to let one of the bartenders show how to. But, since we already had "veterans" I wasn't given a chance until much later. But, I always watched how the bartenders bartended. It wasn't about "just making drinks", there was a science behind it and it intrigued me. It was more personal than waitressing and not as much work AND way more money... So when I was finally given my chance behind the bar, I soaked it all up. Tasting all the different liquors and wines we had was an eye opening experience because up to that point, all I knew was commercial brands of liquor. I looked forward to when beer, liquor or wine reps that would come in with new samples of products. I did some research on my own and taken a few of classes on spirits, but this is just one dimension of the whole bartending experience..."

Cant you see the passion she has for the industry.. I LOVE IT!!!!! But there is more to this beautiful ladies story...

"What I personally love about my job, is the freedom I have. I get to dress however I want, do my make-up however I want, and style my hair however I want. I get to dance all night and I talk to people who I would have never met on a regular basis. I get to make up new drinks and have my customers taste them (most love my lil concoctions). I work at night only a few nights a week and that is enough for me to pay all my bills  and then some.  I get to be invited to some pretty kick ass events... I could go on and on about all the perks. But what I really motivates me IS seeing people smile. I know, I know, It sounds soooo cheesy, but I know my role in your day. You come to the club for a release of everyday life. You want to escape from your constant reality and get lost in a moment. And as a bartender, all I can hope is that I want to be a positive experience for you. That's why I dance and sing all night. That is why you will always see me smiling or laughing. That's why I start up conversations with strangers at my bar. That is why I always want say Hi to everyone that I recognize.  That is why I do some cornball, goofy thing when I know your watching me... To make you smile. I like to think this is my small contribution to the world right now :)"

I asked Erendida what bartending meant to her, and this is her answer...(Honestly I love this answer as it embodies everything I feel a bartender should be)........

"I have met so many amazing people, I have had the pleasure to work with some of Chicago's best bartenders, I have heard so many amazing djs, I have seen some amazing performances... truly, it has been an amazing time.

I have such a different view on this industry and I love it. For a person like me, bartending has been an ideal job for where I am right now in my life. It has given me a different perspective on what I can be in this industry, and it's so cool, because I can be whatever I want and I actually get to use my degree (well kinda). I can be a bartender,, I can be a therapist (no license but I will lend on open ear), I can be a host, I can plan an event, I can manage the place, I can train people... it's truly is empowering.

Bartending has taken me to a place where I never thought I'd be and I look forward to see where it takes me..."
So when in the Chi and looking for a place to party and hang out have a good time enjoy some great drinks, stop by Vibe(1543 N. Kingsbury) and visit Erendida. I'm very sure,  considering how passionate she is about the industry, and the fact that she truly enjoys being a bartender, you will not be disappointed!!
You can also follow her on twitter at @Dida34
Hope you enjoyed this weeks featured bartender as she is Mr.Mixx approved!!!!!
If you are a bartender/Mixologist and would like to be featured, shoot me an email over to or tweet @MrMixologist or @DrinkxXxOnMeInc and we will get you featured in the coming weeks.
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