Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Serve Responsibly


My job is to create GREAT cocktails, and to provide an escape from everyday stresses. That's what the bar/lounge/club is, an escape. Whether its from your spouse, job, kids, etc, people come to the bar for many different reasons. Now because of the strength of alcohol, everyone hits their limit at different levels...

Now my job is to make sure that I serve you, and when I see you are getting close, or about to surpass your limit, to cut you off, and serve you RESPONSIBLY!! I am a responsible bartender. I don't want to see any of my clients(because you are more than just customers to me) to EVER leave the bar in a condition where they are putting themselves as well as everyone else around them, or on the road in danger.

All of this leads up to why I posted this today. I had a friend of mine stop by my bar last night. Had one to many, and when i saw she was fading, I started pumping her with water. She fell asleep at the  bar, and woke up trying to drive herself home... Wasn't gonna happen on my shift!! Took responsibility of the situation, took her keys(as she was by herself), found her a place to sleep it off inside the bar, AND drove her home and made sure she was in, sleep, and safe..

I'm sure the Bartender Gods somewhere are smiling down on me today! Too many times Ive seen colleagues allow people to keep drinking and drinking and drinking... and while its good for our pockets, its no good for your reputation... Most, if not all of us are BASSET certified and with that certification, we accepted the responsibility to be mindful of our customers, and serve them responsibly!!

Normally I don't preach and  I never try to get on a high horse, but after my experience last night(which I haven't dealt with since I 1st started tending bar) I felt the need to salute all my fellow bartenders/mixologist who take the extra steps to ensure a safe bar, and to those who don't, please take some time and practice using some discretion in dealing with our customers.. Remember if they leave your bar and get into an accident, WE are just a liable in that situation as they are! The bar can loose their license, we can go to jail, and its just a bad situation all across the board!

Just a little something to think about...

Until next time


  1. (Kia)Imma knock you out! LOL

  2. Good job man. It’s really hard to find someone like you in the business. Most of the time but I’m not speaking in general, servers are only after the money they could get from customers who keep on drinking. They don’t work by heart. I hope there would be more basset certified people like in the industry.