Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drink of the Week for 7-10-10 Featuring Bartender Fuzzy

This weeks Drink of the Week is a very tasty one, and is brought to you by my girl, and GREAT friend Andrea "Fuzzy" Dixon. You can find Fuzzy at the South Loop Hotel and at various events all over Chicago Land. I am one who has worked with Fuzzy and she has booked myself and the rest of  Drinks On Me(Shameless Plug lol) for events at the Hotel and Private events as well.

Here's a little background on this wonderful Bartender....

At an early age the green-eyed, now 5’10 model/actress has always been conspicuous amongst her peers growing up in the Roseland Community, infamously known as the“Wild 100's”. Having graduated from the Chicago Public School system, Fuzzy continued her education at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. After the untimely passing of her father, to whom she was very close and gives much credit for her trendsetting personality, Fuzzy returned to Chicago in search of establishing herself in the entertainment nightlife industry as a professional bartender.

After quickly gaining recognition for her unique look and energetic personality, Fuzzy has been in the business for 10 fantastic years! Announcing her retirement from working the bar/club scene in 2010, Fuzzy continues to book private engagements and celebrity galas to bartend/entertain on a more personal level.

Currently, Fuzzy is Chicago’s most sought after talent and continues to book shows and auditions to expand her repertoire, with her ultimate goal of crossing over into mainstream television and movies. Having the ability to quickly adapt, Fuzzy’s talent shines bright and will not be easily dimmed. She has captured the attention of audiences and gained the respect of her peers, and will definitely be one of the next breakout stars to grace the big screen in the near future. Look out, here she comes!!!!!!

So now that you've heard from me how great Fuzzy is, and you've heard some background info on her, here is her specialty cocktail and the DRINK OF THE WEEK!!!! 


½ oz. Champagne

¾ oz. Chambord

½ oz. Vodka

1 oz. pomegranate juice

Shake all ingredients but champagne with ice and strain into flute glass. Top with champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist.
So when you are in Chicago, Find FUZZY!! Come to the South Loop Hotel or follow her on twitter(@OhSoFuzzy) to find out where she will be doing what she does best!! Trust me, this is one beautiful, talented, Charismatic,Outgoing, confident, Beautiful(oh wait I already said that lol) Bartender and an all around amazing person!!!
Side note-- Fuzzy is also one of the organizers for 'Fuzzy Mondays at the South Loop Hotel bar, where every Monday she features an up and coming entrepreneur's. This week i have the pleasure of being her guest on the show!!! So come out support her and support me as well!!!!
Until next time
Mr. Mixologist

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  1. I absolutely love this blog!!! You're the greatest Josh :)