Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Drink Of The Week for 7-17 featuring Mixologist Michael Carter

This weeks drink of the week is a little different. I normally feature a bartender that's currently on the bar scene. This week features my man Michael Carter from the ATL by way of my hometown Chicago. So I asked Michael since your not a full time bartender, what made you become interested in the cocktail world?? Here's his answer and some background on this Mixologist..

"The reason I got into mixology was because I thought it would be a cool hobby and something good to learn. Living in Atlanta, also drinks were becoming very expensive and poorly made. Steven Kowalczuk who is a Master Mixologist brought the concept of Mixology Classes to Atlanta in which a different spirit would be sponsored and we would learn how to make 4 drinks using the spirit and learn about the history behind it. I have completed over 30 mixology classes to date.

Mixology really took off for me due to the opportunity to create our own signature cocktails and compete against each other. I have competed in 3 competitions and submitted a video for the Bacardi Star of the Bar competition. Mixology is a great way to entertain, learn and have fun with mixology. Though I am not a working bartender, I have completed the 100, 200, and 300 series of mixology courses designed by Steven and I am always ready to compete.

 My favorite spirit to work with is Gin because it is versatile and can be substituted in most drinks in place of vodka."

Here are a few of Mike's signature cocktails. The first one is called the "This is It" But like any true Mixologist he was mum on the ingredients.. But some fine looking cocktails!!!

I also was given a video from the Summer Razz that Mike was in. Def check out this video!!!

This is definitely someone who I'm glad I've connected with and trust any competitions I'm in from here on out, ill def be looking over my shoulder to see if Michael is in it as well. I'm glad that Michael is showing us that this is an industry to take notice of, and one you can find fulfillment and enjoyment in, even if you don't do it full-time!!!

You can follow Michael on twitter( @Mdot7) and if you are ever in Atlanta, look him up and grab one of his tasty cocktails. I tip my hat to you sir!!!

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