Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 7- #30for30 The Pisco Sour

When I think of South America, as far as spirits and cocktails go, I think Caprihana, Mojito, Cachaca, and Pisco. Ive tasted all of those except for the Pisco Sour. I'm intrigued by this classic because it has some debates about its origin and ways to make the drink.

Both Chile and Peru claim to the origins of this drink. The roots of Pisco itself reach back to the 16th century and stem from Colonial rule. Now what is Pisco exactly? Well it is a Liquor distilled from grapes. Developed by settlers in the sixteenth century as a alternative when the King of Spain banned Wine. The people had to do something with the grapes...

Most accounts is that the Pisco Sour is a variation of the Whisky Sour, which was invented in the early 1920s by American expatriate Victor V. "Gringo" Morris at the Morris' Bar in Lima. The cocktail quickly became a favorite of locals. Soon many of the grand Lima hotels at that time such as the Maury and the Hotel Bolivar began serving pisco sours to their international guests, helping the drink become an international hit. An old advertisement of Pisco Sour was published in 1924 by the Morris' Bar of Lima.

Pisco Sour
2oz Pisco
1oz Lime Juice
3/4oz Simple Syrup
1 egg white
Dash Bitters

Shake hard or blend with ice and strain into glass. The bitters are an aromatic garnish, topping the finished drink, put on top of pisco sour foam.

Now normally Ive either made or drank the drinks that I post.. But this is a new one for me. So ill leave you guys with a video I found on the web that shows, to me, the proper way to make a Pisco Sour...

So I'm on my way to go get a Pisco Sour and Ill be making some at home to test out what i learned in this blog.

Until Next Time