Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 9- #30for30 The Gimlet

The Gimlet is a simple yet good classic drink. No matter how you make it, its a pretty good start up drink for the evening. Its funny most of you have had some sort of Gimlet without even knowing that you ordered one. A Gimlet is made from Gin and Lime Juice. A 1928 description of the drink was: "gin, a spot of lime, and soda" (D. B. Wesson, I'll Never be Cured III).  A 1953 explanation of the drink, says that a gimlet is half Gin, half roses lime, nothing more nothing less. Here is the Original recipe for the Gimlet...

2oz Gin
1/2 Lime Juice
1/4 to 1.2 simple syrup
Garnish with a Lime Wedge
Build in a iced rocks glass, and serve.

In Modern time, Gimlets have moved to Vodka, and Tequila as alternates to Gin. So this is one of my shorter posts because well sometimes, as the saying goes, Simpler is better. This is a classic drink that has been around for ages and one that there really is no way of making wrong. Myself personally I enjoy a tequila Gimlet made with Inocente, Olmeca, or Espolon as I'm not a huge Gin fan.

Its funny, that I'm drinking a tequila Gimlet as I type this post. Very quick and easy way to end a busy day. So this is a very versatile, yet very relevant drink still to this day!

Until Next Time