Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 10- #30for30 The SeaBreeze

A warm ocean breeze... Laying in the sand, enjoying the sun, sipping on a nice smooth cocktail... Sounds good right??? Especially considering its winter and about 11 degrees here in Chicago. Which brings us to this weekends #30for30 the Sea Breeze.

Sea Breeze was actually one of the first drinks I made as a bartender. Sweet, tart, but very refreshing. A classic summertime drink. The cocktail was born in the 1920s, but the recipe was slightly different than the one used today. The original recipe called for Gin and Grenadine, as it was near the end of the Prohibition era. Ironically I'm posting this drink on the Eve of Repeal Day..

Sea Breeze
1 1/2oz Vodka
2oz Grapefruit Juice
1 1/2oz Cranberry Juice
Pour vodka into an iced highball glass. Fill partially with grapefruit juice and top with cranberry juice. Garnish with a lime wedge, and serve.

Refreshing and sweet this drink follows the renowned principle of balancing strong with weak and sweet and sour. It has a few variations, by adding Pineapple instead of grapefruit makes it a Bay Breeze. It is also closely related to the Cape Codder(Which doesn't use Grapefruit) and the Salty Dog(which doesn't use the Cranberry and is made with Gin)

So while we suffer thru these cold months and your sitting at home waiting for the weather to break, have yourself a Sea Breeze, a get a taste of the summer....

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