Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Review- Penn 1681 Vodka

Yesssss!!!! Just what the world needed... ANOTHER Vodka company!!! But this time I was a litte more interested than Ive been before. So when I got the follow on twitter from Penn 1681, I wanted to test it out immediately.

So thru some negotiating and tweeting with the good people over there, I was shipped a bottle of Penn 1681(along with a few other goodies, but those are for future blog posts). The bottle looks amazing! By far one of the most decorated and intriguing bottles Ive seen. Really stands out and would most definitely be an eye catcher on the back bar, or on the shelves of a liquor store. So on to the best part  of a review... The TASTING!!!

First, a little background info about this excellent spirit. First off it made right here in AMERICA!!!  It was named after the year that King Charles gave William Penn the land that became what we all know as Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is known for its agriculture and is one of the leading areas for Rye. Yes this is a Rye Vodka. Penn is crafted from several different organic rye from different farms in Pennsylvania.

My personal taste and opinion.... Out of all the Vodkas Ive tasted(and its been many) I actually like Penn 1681. Its a different taste, very clean, very smooth. This is a vodka that can be enjoyed alone or in your favorite cocktail. I made a couple Martini's(extra dry and dirty) and it paired together very well. Now it does have a little Burn, But its burns sooooooooooo good!!  I will say this. Its more of a drinker's vodka. Most beginners wont like it, but someone who is looking for a great substitute for some of the vodka that's out on the market now, and want something with a refined taste,  would truly enjoy Penn 1681.

So next time you are looking for something new to try, get your hands on a little Penn 1681 Vodka!! You will not be disappointed!! Check them out on these sites..

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  1. This is a good post! I will have to keep this brand in mind for future events. Thank!