Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drink of the Week for 9-26-2009

Whats up everybody?? The mixologist been gone for awhile , but im back!!! I used to do this on my myspace page every week, so now im going to incorporate it into my blog. The "Drink of the Week" concept. Every Fri. I will post either one of my special concoctions or something one of my bartender buddies share with me..Something to help you get your weekend started..So here is the first entry.. Hope you enjoy..

Strawberry Long Island

This was made by my good friend Miss Robin at the 7 10 lounge in Hyde park Chicago. She took a traditional long Island and added Strawberry Daquiri mix. At first I thought that wouldnt be a good idea but it turned out great!!! Here are the ingredients and instructions to make it....

1/2 Vodka
1/2 Rum
1/2 Gin
1/2 Tequila
1/2 Triple Sec
1oz Sour Mix
1 1/2oz Strawberry Daquiri Mix

In a Collins Glass, Muddle 2 lemon wedges and the Daquiri Mix. When that is nice and crushed add a little ice, then pour the Long Island ingredients. Top it with some Sour Mix and a dash of Sprite.

Take all that and pour it into your shaker, to get a good mix. Shake and then Pour and serve!!

There also is a picture enclosed to show you what it looks like.


Along with my posts starting back up more regularly, this will become a staple every Friday. Any of my fellow Mixologists who would like to have their personalized specality drinks published, send me an email @

Until next time

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