Monday, January 11, 2010

Drink of the Week for 1-16-10

First drink of the week and first blog post for the new year!! I hope everyone had a great new year, and gets all their goals and aspirations met and/or succeded this year!!

Now with that being said, Its cold as HELL outside!!! Middle of winter and we all need something that can warm us up! So this is one of my older drinks that I came up with but a definite head banger!!! Its called the "STD" Shot. Now I know thats a very controversial name but take a little history on how it came about.

So I'm with my fellow bartender(and Drinkng buddy) Ramon(known to alot of you as @R18thletter on twitter) were at our favorite watering hole the Seven Ten Lounge in Hyde Park, visiting our good friend and Bartender sister Robin. Now we always have the tendency to try to outdo each other on coming up with new and innovative drinks. So we all sitting around like whats probably the strongest, most potent drink we can come up with without it killing the customer??? Well heres the "STD" shot. Once you see how its prepared youll know why its called an STD.


1/3 Any Cognac
1/3 Wild Turkey
1.3 151 Rum

In a 1oz shot glass pour the cognac(Hennessey or Remy for the added punch) then pour the Wild Turey, then top it of with the 151. Here's how it should look so far...

Now here's how it becomes a STD. You take that concocton and you set it on fire. Dangerous..Yes!! But done the right way turns a good drink into a completely diferent taste.. This is what the final prep of the STD looks....

Now take the drink, blow it out and enjoy!!! Now the reason for the name STD was easy because this drink will be the only time you will ever enjoy being burned!!! LOL

Hope you enjoyed this and always remember to be safe. Dont drink and drive, and please if you make this drink be careful and dont set yourself or anyone else on fire!!

Until next time

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