Monday, December 21, 2009

Drinks Of the Week

Hey everybody,

Back with a couple of drinks recipes, from my trip to New York a couple weeks ago. First one is the Ice Cream Soda. Had this at the Sweetwater on 139th in the South Bronx. This is a custom drink from their menu..Im usually skeptical when it comes to real sweet, blended drinks but this def is the exception to the rule... It wasnt too too sweet, but it had alot of kick on the backside..So here it is...Pic anbove is what it should look like...

Ice Cream Soda
2oz Captain Morgan
1oz Baileys
3/4oz Grenadine
10z Coca-Cola

Place all ingredients in a mixing cup, Shake then blend with Ice...

Put a Cherry on Top and Enjoy!

On to the Next one..

California Car Bomb
This one is for those of us who enjoy Jager Bombs, Lunchboxes and all other drinks with a shot dropped. It was a refreshing drink, not too strong, but def tasty. I enjoyed this at McFadddens on 40th and 2nd ave in Manhattan...

California Car Bomb
1oz Stoli Orange
1 half glass of Red Bull
Dash of Cranberry Juice

Drop the shot of Stoli into the Red Bull and Chug away!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed these two new drinks that i will def be making, and drinking in the near future.

Until next time


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Bartenders Weekend in New York City

Hey everyone!! Well I'm back from New York City and I must ay it was quite an expierence. I went up there to Bartend at Southern Hospitality( which for all my twitter friends is @BBQNYC). It was a nice bar with very personable bartenders, and staff. They really made me feel at home. My night started off a little slow but as the clientele picked so did I. This was an expierence I think all bartenders should get to have at least once. To get to travel to a different state and see what trends, and different cocktail infussions work and what customn drinks other bartenders will share, will do nothing but enhance your skills behind the bar and give you something to bring back to your bars/clubs to enhance your clientle.

Satuday and Sunday of my trip was spent bar hopping with my frends. This as another expierence. New York has a wide variety of different bars with sme bartenders who have tons of personality. No 2 spots I visited this weekend were alike. From Mid-town, to the Bronx, ll the way back to the Village...All areas present a completely diferent Bar expierence. I also have some custom drink i brought back for you all, but that will be in the next post for some Drinks of the Week. Gonna upload the pics so you can see the drinks, and know what they should look like if you ry to make them at home.

So all in all New York City is a wonderful place to be. Great Bars, Great Mixologists, Great City...If you havent been, please make your way there..

Until Next Time

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