Friday, September 3, 2010

Drink of the Week for 9-3-10 the "PoolSide"

Well it Labor Day weekend, so that means its the end of summer. Damn Damn Damn!!!! But with Fall right around the corner, I was thinking what end of summer drinks for this holiday weekend can I come up with.

Fortunately, my good friends over at Pool Vodka(follow them on twitter @PoolVodka) hit me up and asked me to do a review of their product. I jumped at the opportunity and was not disappointed!! Pool Vodka is Great!!!

Pool is a triple distilled premium Vodka that is infused with their natural fruit blend! It gives Pool a distinct and memorable taste. And the color.. Oh My!! Pool has a very rich, Blue color.. Kinda resembles a swimming pool... heh heh.. OK corny joke, but hey I couldn't resist.. lol Pool is so tasty it can be enjoyed alone, on the rocks or as a cocktail.

So when I received my package from Pool, I got some good drink recipes enclosed, but being the mad scientist that I am I had to experiment on my own and come up with something new.. So I present to you all the "PoolSide"

1.5oz Pool Vodka

1oz Triple Sec
.75oz Berry Chill Energy Drink
layer the top with X-Rated

Place all ingredients into a mixing glass, shake and strain into a Chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a Cherry!

Needless to say, Ive been drinking PoolSide's the Last couple of days. The fruit blend in the vodka, and topping it with the X-Rated makes it a very pleasing drink to your palate if you enjoy fruity cocktails. Oh and the Berry Chill energy drink, gives it a whole new taste and feel. The first time i mixed it i did it without, but adding that gave that extra Jolt to take this drink over the top!!!

If Pool Vodka is not available in your area, follow them on or the official Pool website--->

So everyone enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe, drink responsibly, and If you can get your hands on a bottle of Pool Vodka, make yourself a PoolSide and enjoy one of the last few weekends of warm weather!!


Until next time