Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back to the Rack!!

Well everyone, Its that time again! Speed Rack Season 3 is ending this Sunday here in Chicago!! If you have never been to Speed Rack, I'll give you a quick breakdown. Speed Rack is in its 3rd year. It was started in February of 2011 by bartenders Ivy Mix and Lynette Marrero. The competition focused on the women of our industry, celebrate them, and raise money for Breast cancer research. I have been to speed rack every year it has been here in Chicago, and even had the opportunity to go to Speed Rack, on my 1st trip to Portland for cocktail week in 2011. So Imagine 8 of the best female bartenders in Chicago, on stage, duking it out, all while you are cheering them on, and enjoying punch, cocktails and food from some of the great sponsors. AND you ll be drinking and eating for a great cause!! My family has been affected by Breast cancer, and other types of cancer, so I will ALWAYS support anything and anyone who is supporting finding a cure for this horrible disease.

Tickets are still available if you follow this link...

And you can donate at the door as well for $25. Remember all proceeds go toward breast cancer research.

Check out the vid to see what you'll be witnessing...

So be there!! I will be!!! You can find Mr.Mixologist aka  the " Boobie Bandit" running around on the floor all day Sunday!

Until Next Time

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Product Review ---> Kappa Pisco

Hey hey everyone! You know I have been neglecting the blog, but I've been SO busy lately, and have many things to share with you from the last month or so, and lots of new and exciting adventures upcoming!

Today we will review a new AMAZING spirit,  Kappa Pisco. So if you been following the blog here, you already know what Pisco is. If not, Pisco is a colorless grape brandy that is made in the wine region of Peru and Chile.  A great spirit, most notably known for its greatest creations, The Pisco Sour, and Pisco Punch. Although there are MANY different ways to enjoy the spirit, those are the best 2 ways, in my opinion, to introduce someone to Pisco.

Which brings us to today's subject, Kappa Pisco. Kappa is the newest expression from the Marnier Lapostalle family. The same family that's produces Grand Marnier, and the Lapostalle Wines of Chile, and wines from the Loire Valley. So when i say expect a QUALITY product, this will be one! Kappa is made with 2 different Muscot grapes, the Alexandria and Rose. In my experience in tasting and playing around with Kappa, I get hints of Spice, Vanilla, and of course grape when i taste. No burn, and very smooth. Kappa recently  got a 92 at the Ultimate Beverage challenge AND won the Chairman's Trophy at the UBC as well. So when I say this is a quality spirit, it has the credentials to back up my claim.

Last week, I was 1 of 8 bartenders who competed in the "Kappa Pisco Punch Out" competition at Drumbar here in Chicago. Lots of talent was in there, and we all had our work cut out for us, but thru it all, I pulled out the competition win!!! I created a cocktail named, "The 4th Chamber". I wanted a drink that played off everything that I got from tasting Kappa, and still was balanced enough to appeal to fellow bartenders and consumers alike. So without further adieu, here is the 4th chamber

4th Chamber
Kappa Pisco
Grand Marnier
Serrano Chili Pepper Syrup

Now for this particular competition, the cocktail had to be batched into a punch, so to get the specs on this be sure to watch the blog on Monday afternoons, as I will be posting a new cocktail recipe every Monday for "Mixing it Up Monday's". But all in all KAPPA Pisco is a very very good product to work with, and one I look forward to sharing many more recipes with you. FIND IT, DRINK IT, ENJOY IT...

Until Next Time