Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Tips for gifts to give the Bartender that you love

HOLIDAY SEASON is in a full swing now, we are about 2 weeks away from Christmas, and while the bars are heating up with guests, us bartenders LOVE to receive gifts as well! So here is my top 5 gifts for the season for the bartender in your life... (hint, if anyone wants to get me any of these, Ill gladly accept)

1. Illegal Mezcal Barrel Aging Gift Set
This gift set includes 3 bottles (750ml) of Illegal Mezcal Joven, a 3 liter barrel, Barrel Aging instructions and a cocktail booklet.

2. Cocktail Books! Who doesn't love a great read on these cold winter nights. While there are many many worthy publications, the one that stands out this season is one of the new kids on the block, " Apothecary Cocktails- Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today" by Author, and good friend of mine Warren Bobrow.  This cocktail book features 75 traditional and newly created cocktail recipes that are medicinally themed.

3. What bartender doesn't love new shiny things?? Be sure to check out Cocktail Kingdom for all your favorite bartenders new tools, toys, and gadgets!! My personal favorites, the Yarai Mixing Glass, the Copper collection, the silver collection, and the wide array of bitters bottles.

4.  The GEAR!!! We all like to look nice, especially behind the bar looking approachable and neat is a must. And the Chef wear brand  keeps myself and hundreds of my counterparts looking mighty dapper. If you act now, they are doing free shipping for a limited time..

5.  AND the one thing that you can always get your favorite bartender for the holidays, "drum roll"...... SPIRITS!!!! Its a wide array of tasty spirits for that bartender that you love, but for some of us who are whiskey lovers, I was doing a little research and found a gem of a Japanese whiskey that just hit the states. Hakushu Heavily Peated is now available, and is different from the Hakushu 12 year that has been available for awhile now. After reading the review on Men's Journal, this seems like it will be on the wish list of Scotch whiskey lovers all over!

So hopefully these tips will help you find something for the drink slinger in your life, and if not maybe you found something for yourself!!

Be sure to watch our posts starting tomorrow where the " 12 days of Christmas" cocktail series will start. This will be a fun Boozy time!!!

Until Next Time