Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to the Rack!!!! *****Updated******

******* UPDATE!!!!!*******
With Hurricane Sandy hitting New York and New Jersey, we will not e able to attend Speed Rack this weekend. Speed Rack will be postponed and the tentative date is December 10th. Be on the lookout for details. To get involved with helping the USBGNY and donations for NYC visit the speed rack website here--->

Last year I had the opportunity to work at a very special event. Speed Rack was introduced to me and was one HELLUVA event!!! What speed rack is, is an all female bartender competition, created by female bartenders, where the bartenders get graded on speed, technique, and accuracy. All the proceeds from Speed Rack go to fight Breast Cancer. So its a great cause and worth donating monetarily and your time.

The way it works is Speed Rack is a National competition that focused on certain markets. In each market bartenders go head to head, a square off if you will, and have to make a round of drinks randomly. Each bartender is graded on speed, accuracy, taste, and presentation. Its a round robin elimination comp, and the winners of each market will meet in the final event of the year for a winner take all showdown to be named Miss Speed Rack!! 

From personal experience of serving punch at this event last year this is a GREAT time. Great people, Great cocktails, and an even BETTER CAUSE!!! So get out and look for speed rack in your city. Next up is NEW YORK CITY on November 4th. I will be there and supporting my NYC ladies!! NYC come on out!!!! 

For info check out

Check out this Speed Rack Teaser

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