Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Hey everyone!

Its been a long time but Mr Mixologist has finally got the blogging bug back in his system. I have been a part of soooo many great events this year, and have so many coming up that I want to share them with all my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram followers. But before I get going I first want to say THANK YOU, to all who have supported me and DrinkxXx On Me bartending Service over the last few years, We started off doing house parties and now have grown to working for various spirit brands and hosting and bartending some of the biggest events here in Chicago.Now for those of you who have been a subscriber to this blog, thank you and now you're in for a treat because we will have postings on everything from Spirit reviews, to some of my favorite bar/restaurants, How to cocktail videos, and the ever infamous "Cocktail Thought of the Day".

So now that brings me to the point of this post today.. my ever famous catchphrase "Drink One Teach One". many have asked me where this came from and why do I always say it and use the hash tag on twitter( #DrinkOneTeachOne) Well here is your answer....

This phrase is the gist of my entire career. Unfortunately, in my community the overall "cocktail" scene is lacking. So when I''m working, or creating menus for clients I try to bring a little more cocktail awareness to the forefront. I love alcohol, I love all the different spirits that are out there(for the most part) and I love learning while I'm enjoying cocktails. Learning about the origin of a cocktail, or breaking down the flavors in the base spirit, or just figuring out all the ingredients in a cocktail while tasting blindly are some very enjoyable things to "Drink One Teach One". Understand spirits and know what you are putting inside your body. Its called "Edutainment" learn something and have fun all at the same time.

Now that im back in the blogging world, I look forward to sharing with you all my experiences, tastings, evenings out, events, recipes, and just views on different trends in the cocktail world. If you have anything you would like to see in this blog that you haven't yet or don't, by all means email me at info@dombartending,.com or tweet me @MrMixologist or @DomBarService and use the hash tag #DrinkOneTeachOne

Until Next Time
Mr. Mixologist

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