Monday, August 16, 2010

Product Review-- Conjure Cognac

First off before i even get started, I just want to say, I LOVE COGNAC!!! Cognac has been a staple in my life since I could drink. I remember watching my Uncles, and older Cousins, sitting around playing cards or Dominoes with an array of Cognacs from Hennessey VS all the way to Remy XO. So it fell in place for me when i started drinking.

Now in my opinion there is only 1 true way to drink Cognac... And that is neat and in a snifter. Bur since Ive been in the cocktail industry I'm starting to see a trend of Cognac being used in many different cocktails. Being a Cognac lover this interests me because I wanted to see what someone could do with a drink that stands alone.

Which brings us to this weeks product review.. Conjure Cognac.

Normally I'm a Remy 1738 drinker only, but a couple of months ago, I was in Atlanta and decided to give this new company a try.  While I was down in the ATL every bar, restaurant and Hotel had this bottle that stood out to me. At that time I didn't know, but the Cognac is the Brainchild of Chris "LudaCris" Bridges, who happens to be one of my favorite hip-hop artists! So why I was out, hanging at the Velvet Room nightclub I ordered it straight as I always do my Cognac. What I tasted was simply the smoothest cognac Ive ever tasted.!! No bite, no burn, no aftertaste! Just pure, smooth, no hangover inducing Cognac. Personally, I alternated between this and Remy Martin to see if there was a distinct difference. AND it was!!! Conjure is slightly smoother than Remy, and your getting an equally exceptional spirit at a few dollars less than other Cognacs.

So my first question non the flight home was, Is this available in Illinois??? So I was following Conjure on twitter( @ConjureCognac) and on Facebook and got a release date for Illinois. So I ran to my favorite Liquor store and grabbed a couple bottles. So i played around with a few cocktails, and I decided hey.. I got a great drink which was featured on Cocktails 365(Another great blog, which you all should be reading too) So i used Conjure in the Naked Martini..

Naked Martini-

1 1/2 oz of X-Rated

1 oz of Conjure Cognac

top with OJ

Strain into a Chilled Martini Glass

Needless  to say,m that this was an added treat to an already great drink! The smoothness of the Conjure blends very nicely with the X-Rated since it has traces of a fruit blended Cognac in it as well, so it was a perfect match for the Conjure. This also is a Cognac that's the Ladies can enjoy in a mixed drink or alone as well.

So if you love Cognac, and love great spirits..This is def one for you. Go to to see if its available in your city! This is a new staple in my bar, and easily one of my favorite new spirits out!!

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  1. I too am a cognac fanatic, its's all I drink,remy and courvoisier vs is my favorite, but conjure definitely caught me by suprise, its so smooth and right now at this moment i am experiencing no hangover and i've been sippin all night.God bless you ludacris!!!!