Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Straight Man----- Gay Bar

So in my normal morning routine, I walk to the corner by my home and pick up a copy of the Chicago Reader. Front page article was a pic of a Bartender and this was the caption... "Str8 Guy, Gay Bar"

Now this is a very interesting subject because I posed a question on my Facebook profile a few weeks back dealing with this subject. Now I feel the need to say this. I have absolutely NO problem with gays and lesbians. How you choose to be sexually is not my concern. I have quite a few gay and lesbian friends and enjoy their company no different than i enjoy my hetero friends. But it was very interesting to read the article.

The bartenders mentioned had no problem working in the environment and genuinely seemed very comfortable with being in the surroundings. Me personally I can understand why.  That community of people is very easy one to work in. Generally the people are not as aggressive, and while you still have some that are problems for you, overall the working experience is a very good one.

Now that brings this to me. I put a poll out there on my Facebook, and by text message to some of my closest friends and associates to see how they would feel if I was to take a job in a Gay establishment. Considering that these are the people in my life that know me the best,I was surprised that most said I shouldn't do it. Not because i was Homophobic, but because they thought I couldn't handle some of the advances of some patrons while I was working. Well I took all of that into consideration and I worked "Alternative" night at the bar to see if I can handle it.

I will say from being a straight man working on alternative night, you def see some things that you might not be used to, But its the same as any other night at the bar. You have customers that don't know what they really want, customers who are great, and customers who are flat out Assholes!! In my opinion there should be no problem with a straight man working in a gay establishment. Personally I had one run in with a patron who got a little to comfortable and didn't accept the no that i gave him but overall my experience working in that environment was ultimately a good one and I'm open to doing it again. I'm comfortable with myself, and know what I prefer(Mr.Mixologist Loves the ladies).

So I want to know what YOU ALL think. Do you have reservations about a straight man working in a gay establishment? Would you question one of your friends sexuality if they were working in a gay bar? Bartenders, would you be open to working in a Gay establishment? Weigh In!!! I would love to open up this discussion....


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